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BagsRep.com is your place for the latest wholesale handbags and wholesale purses! Our designer inspired handbags are exactly that...wholesale handbags influenced by the world’s greatest designers at a fraction of the price! BagsRep.com DOES NOT offer exact replica handbags or knockoff handbags. BagsRep DOES offer wholesale fashion handbags for fashion distributors, retailers, boutiques, salons and fashion re-sellers.

A Few New Arrivals

D02BM2594-205 RED
Price: $22.50
D020S2493-18 BROWN
Price: $21.00
D02DF2536-195 TEL
Price: $22.00
LM011-195 PURPLE
Price: $22.00
SK1949-185 FSH
Price: $21.00
30301-19 BLACK
Price: $21.50
HBG101356-575 NAVY
Price: $7.00
Price: $17.00